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Analogman Sun Face NKT275 White Dot High Gain

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Analogman Sun Face NKT275 White Dot High Gain
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The Analogman Sun Face is a replica of the Arbiter / Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit of 1966-1976, built in a small box that allows modern players to cram more pedals on a board than they really ought. It is available with a number of different transistor types.

This unit is the NKT275 white dot. The NKT275 transistors rejected during earlier Sun Face production because their gain measured too high, but saved because they were semi-close. They are fuzzier than the normal gain, they don't clean up entirely, and they are brighter sounding.



  • Analogman Sunface NKT-275
  • White Dot High Gain
  • Replica of the Dallas Arbiter Fuzzface
  • True By-Pass
  • Handmade in USA
  • Includes the Box, Bag and paperwork
  • Condition: Mint
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