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BJFE Honey Bee Overdrive - Very Rare!

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BJFE Honey Bee Overdrive - Very Rare!
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The most dynamic, touch sensitive pedal from BJFE. According to Björn, this pedal fits most styles and "stacks" well with most other pedals. On a clean-sounding amp HB can be used to get distortion on forceful notes as controlled by picking force. This can be used on guitars with flatwound strings for a mellow jazz sound or roundwound strings for a vintage style light distortion. In pedal systems with multiple drive pedals, HB can be connected last to soften the response and even give a low mid-range hump to bright amplifiers and provide a ceiling-effect for the upper treble frequencies



  • Original BJFE Honey Bee Overdrive
  • Very dynamic and touch sensitive
  • Ranges from a Clean Boost to Great Tube Like Breakup to Light Distortion
  • Point-to-Point Wiring
  • Handmade in Sweden
  • Serial# 804
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