Lane started out on the piano and eventually moved to guitar around 12 or 13. At the ripe age of fourteen he became the lead guitar player for Black Oak Arkansas. It's hard to believe this kid played guitar for only a couple of years and moves on to slinging the guitar for a top act like BOA. But that shows just how talented this guy was at playing guitar.

Shawn's style later progressed to jazz fusion and he began teaching and creating instructional videos. Although he's not very well known publically some the best players out today were highly influenced by him. Players like Paul Gilbert, Buckethead, and Guthrie Govan to name a few. His music can be heard on many recordings from his own albums to performances he collorbated on with other musicians.

Shawn put out several solo albums and instructional videos. He also can be heard on countless albums with Black Oak Arkansas, Savage, The Willys, Jonas Hellborg and other artist. Here are his credits for solo and instructional guitar videos.

Solo albums


  • Shawn Lane – Power Licks – REH837, 1993, (VHS)
  • Shawn Lane – Power Solos – REH838, 1993, (VHS)
  • Shawn Lane – Power Licks & Solos, 1995, Warner Brother Publications

Lane's main guitar through a good portion of his career in the late 90's and early 2000's was a Vigier. The Vigier is an exceptional guitar. Nice tonewood with a maple top and Alder body, rosewood fretboard. His main pickups were Dimarzio Air Classic's. Nice airy tone with tons of midrange. He also was know to play a Charvel, Ibanez and Gibson Les Paul's throughout his career. The Charvel especially in the late to mid 90's for shredding. The amp he played was a Holmes Amplifier. This amp company has long gone out of business however there are plenty of amps and modelers to achieve his tone.

As for effects, one of Shawn's main effects pedals was the Westbury Tube Overdrive. His tone when using this pedal was creamy and fluid. Just enough breakup and bite. You can find the pedal now under the names Nady TD 1, Guyatone TO-2, and Tonebone Classic. 

Unfortunately Shawn passed away in the early 2000's. However he left a lot of material for our enjoyment. Shawn Lane is most certainly a guitar player worth checking out on your road to learning and playing guitar. I would encourage you to check out his videos on Youtube to see this guy in action. He was certainly one of the greats and was taken way too soon. Also, check out "Powers of Ten" for a jaw dropping experience. 

Shawn Lane