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Menatone Red Snapper MK3 Overdrive - Made in the USA

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Menatone Red Snapper MK3 Overdrive - Made in the USA
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The Menatone Red Snapper is a highly sought-after overdrive revered as one of the best overdrive pedals today for its transparency. This pedal defines what an overdrive should sound like. The tone very tube like with nice growl. The bite is a presence knob which adds gain in the upper, "pick attack" regions. The cut is a high frequency filter. This pedal comes clean at lower gain settings and ferocious with the gain dimed. All tones however are managable and tight. The MK3 edition also features a boosted bipolar power supply for huge dynamics and transient response.

Condition: Near mint condition...Great pedal!

Condition: Good cosmetic condition with a few minor nicks. Nothing wrong at all with the functionality. Great pedal!



  • MK3
  • Excellent Mid-Range for cutting through a mix
  • Controls: Volume, Gain, Cut and Bite
  • Great Condition
  • Made in the USA
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