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Roger Mayer Octavia Classic Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

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Roger Mayer Octavia Classic Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal
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The OCTAVIA is probably Roger Mayer’s most famous and distinctive creation. This effect was designed in early 1967 and featured on some classic Jimi Hendrix recordings. The OCTAVIA produces a sound that is an octave higher than the note you are presently playing. This doubling effect is accomplished through electronic mirror imaging techniques that are program sensitive and also respond to the feed forward inputs of the player. The electronic circuitry is analogue in design and will react faithfully to all the subtleties and harmonic overtones from the guitar.  

Electronically the OCTAVIA is an analogue circuit with the properties of a frequency doubler, envelope generator and amplitude modulator with addition frequency shaping filter circuits. The effect produced is subtle to wild depending on the settings used and will respond to the attack of the player. A clean tone from the guitar with the tone rolled control rolled off will produce "ring modulated". The bright harmonics are more controllable if the neck pickup is selected and the tone control set to roll off the treble. The effect really comes into its own on the top E and B strings from the 7th fret up. 

The Octavia Classic now also comes in the brand new Classic Series enclosure design with the same famous sound and many added extras to help the modern musician and bring the famous Octavia sound forward to the future. The many players who demand the original sound plus a package more flexible and pedal board friendly will welcome the additional features.



  • Same effects unit Hendrix played
  • Multi-Mode Outputs
  • Hardwire By-Pass
  • Two Buffered Outputs 
  • Battery Life: 150Hrs or more using a premium grade alkaline 9 Volt type.
  • Connection Protocol: It uses the standard negative centre pin connection protocol used by many leading manufacturers.
  • Made in the UK
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