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Tony Bruno Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Cow Tipper Vibrato Custom Tube Amplifier (Used)

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Tony Bruno Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Cow Tipper Vibrato Custom Tube Amplifier (Used)
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The absolute finest sounding blackface amp ever built

This Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Cow Tipper Vibrato is one incredible 35 watt amp with the most amazing reverb and vibrato that can go super slow or super fast. The range of vibrato speed is much broader than other amps. This amp is much better than even the early 60s Blackface Fenders with vastly improved dynamics, speed, touch sensitivity,  note definition, string to string separation, fretboard feel, balance and super complex harmonics. The treble is smoother, the midrange warmer and fuller and the bass tighter. The Limited Edition 20th Anniversary amp is limited to only 20 amps and you're looking at number 12. Each amp is signed, and numbered by Tony Bruno. 

Tony really out did himself and the sound and feel of the amp is truly stunning. Tony uses his very best super rare New Old Stock components and laid out totally new hand wired boards for the 20th Anniversary.  He also designed a new circuit for each to allow for both the reverb and vibrato to be foot switchable off and on independently using a two button foot switch with shielded reverb cable. Each Limited Edition 20th Anniversary amp will be set up, voiced and carefully biased with the finest rare New Old stock tubes for the preamp and power section which are included in the price of the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary amplifiers.

For the 20th Anniversary Tony Bruno decided that he would build only 20 very special custom amps and for each he would use his rarest and best sounding components with no expense spared in achieving the finest sounding 20 amps he could build. He also decided that it would not be one model like the 10th Anniversary, when he only built the Underground 30 with reverb and tremolo.  For the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition amps Tony decided that he would build any of his models that a customer wanted but that each would be the pinnacle of that model or the "Holy Grail" of that design. He would do this by not only using New Old Stock and very rare resistors and capacitors but also by spending more than 3 times the average build time.  Each Anniversary is built exclusively by Tony, play tested, tweaked and adjusted, play tested again and so on. All parts are measured and listened to in the circuit to insure the finest tonal quality without regard to the time spent building the amp. 

Included in this deal is the special custom solid Spruce Bruno 2X12 speaker cab with Dumble style oval opening back panel with Celestion Heritage (Made in the UK) G1265 speakers.  Such an amazing cabinet and speaker combination that is fantastic for a Dumble ODS100 or any amp of that style including a Bruno Super 100. In addition it is one of the finest sounding cabs for Blackface style amps including the Bruno Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Reverb and Vibrato Cow Tipper 35.

This amp is pre-owned but was lightly used and maintained. It was keep in a smoke-free studio. It's in excellent condition and with no repairs, damage or MODs, 



The rare New Old Stock tubes included in the amp are insane sounding and super expensive but there is no up charge for them. It was important to Tony Bruno that these 20th Anniversary amps be the very finest in every way. Here are the NOS tubes and their current value:
  • Gain reduction circuit tubeNOS Beijing 12AX7: This is a great NOS tube from China that is very dependable with very low noise. This tube does not go through the tone path so it has no effect on the tone circuit of the amp and is used for voltage adjustment - $27
  • Input gain stage – NOS American RCA 12AX7: One of the most important stages for the quality of gain and the tone of the amp. Nothing better than an NOS RCA to get the Iconic warm Blackface tone - $95
  • Reverb Driver – NOS West German Telefunken 12AT7: The cleanest and most pristine sounding tube ever made and the " Holy Grail" for pure reverb that does not color or degrade the amps tone - $99
  • Tone Driver & reverb recovery-  NOS American CBS 12AX7: Great American tube for the tone driver and reverb recovery circuit - $65
  • Vibrato tube – NOS East German RFT 12AX7  - $60
  • Phase Inverter – NOS English Mullard 12AT7: Made in the UK the Mullard is one of the finest 12AT7 tubes made and is a little darker, very low noise and balanced which is perfect for the phase inverter - $45
  • Power Tubes – Cow 35 – Matched pair American RCA " Holy Grail" Black Plate 6L6 power tubes: The finest sounding and most expensive of all the NOS 6L6- $400 a set
  • Rectifier tube – NOS English Big Base Mullard GZ34: The tightest and most articulate feeling rectifier tube with a price to match - $235
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